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Pintrest is the official application of the famous social network of the same name. It allows you to create your own type of virtual bulletin board to organize and fill with images so that you always have your favorite things on hand, whether they are videos, photos, text, songs, etc.

Of course, the best part of the site is that you can not only make your own virtual board, but also visit and browse through boards made by other users of the social network. You can leave comments on their entries to let them know what you like, or 'repin' an entry to your own board.

Thanks to this application for iPhone, you can take photos and pin them directly to your wall to share with all of your followers. It's an excellent way to instantly share your daily experiences.

Pintrest is a social network with millions of users, so you're sure to find interesting things every day. And thanks to this app, you can do it anywhere, anytime.
Pinterest now has 200 million+ active monthly users

When we say talk about social networks and their various Android apps, we tend to rattle off the names FacebookInstagramTwitter in short order. But one of the most successful digital platforms often slips our mind, given its particular style for publishing photos. Yes, we're talking about Pinterest, the image board social network that's now celebrating a special milestone: it's topped the figure of 200 million active monthly users, an excellent way to celebrate its seven-plus years of success.
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Pinterest distances itself from the rest and gets rid of the Like button

Accustomed as we are to using social networks like Instagram, Facebook, and Tumblr that are obsessed with all things visual, Pinterest has always been a rara avis in terms of the comparative services it offers. While other social networks are constantly developing new social functions, Pinterest is focusing on stoking the power of its content. And its latest announcement is another step in that direction: the Like button is going to disappear from Pinterest.
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